Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Breastfeeding Mother's Day!

Last month I got an urgent request by the Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group to help them produce a TVC with just a few days left to submission deadline! I thought it was mission impossible as the concept they had was not suitable for a television commercial. Plus everything was so last minute and it was just chaos when they came for the shoot for their initial concept. I did a photoshoot for them last year and was quite happy with what I shot and I was determined to convince them to shoot a proper video instead of the idea they had which was just to use stills and text. I contacted Candida to see if she would like to take up this pro bono project with me and she was up for it so hurray! To cut a long story short, we did the shoot at The Studio Loft over an afternoon a couple of days later and Candida edited the TVC within a few days and we made it for the submission deadline!

The Happy Breastfeeding Mother's Day event they have is this saturday so if you are in the west area, please drop by to give the event your support.

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