Sunday, May 17, 2009

the MOTHER shoot

As mentioned in this post, we did a shoot last week to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mother of two and these were what we got.



Daddy took the role of photographer for the day and I think this one maybe can pass but dylan was trying to get away!

Getting the both of them together was a nightmare, also it was after lunch, their sleepy time :s

Love Dyl Dyl's face and tongue here!

Ok i know what this looks like but i didn't drop him! He was enjoying himself playing rough with mummy, he loves it if you can see his facial expression :)

Check out Dyl's hair!

So cheeky that face! :)

Like kay's relaxed look here, but dyl's saying "bleah"!

Another attempt to get them both together

Tickling does the trick sometimes

And this shot I must credit to daddy, sums up the shoot and my favourite candid one! kay disturbing dyl, dyl pushing him away and me caught in the middle and totally exasperated! :D

Oh well, till the next Mothers' Day, hope yours was a great one! :)


Jer said...

Wow...great photos! Very inspiring...

kristalangel said...

lovely pics! hahaha .. like the last one.

Yvonne said...

i like your shirts too.. all the same.. so cute...

J.H said...

Great pics! Seems like all your (and your husband) hard work that day try to please the model really paid off!

Anonymous said...

Great foto taken