Saturday, March 20, 2010

Get your baby into a Pupsik pouch!

As many of you know, I wear my babies everywhere (and breastfeed them anywhere too haha) :p Thanks to baby carriers, wearing your baby has never been this easy. Enough of those old fashioned slings with rings and yards of cloth which you fiddle with helplessly when trying to tie your baby to you! I have been using only 2 carriers for the past few years as a parent and I can tell you the Pupsik Pouch and the Ergo Baby Carrier are the way to go. I used the Pupsik pouch from newborn till about 13 months old (but you can still carry toddlers with it) and the Ergo when they are older. Useful when I am on the move or when baby's sleepy and doesn't want to walk.

The Studio Loft is sponsoring a prize for the Pupsik Baby Pouch Contest! So if you have a picture of you wearing your baby in a Pupsik Pouch, submit it for the contest, everyone's a winner as every entry gets something :)

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