Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kiddy Pins by Poppletots

One of my client turned friend has started a little business called Poppletots, I helped her design her logo and calling card, nice? ;)

Anyway apart from cute togs for your little ones, she also hand makes these unique little pins. Put one on your child's tee to perk it up. Pin them to your diaper bag for some character. Or even pin a few to a sun hat for a new look :)
(click on images to view bigger)

You can contact Poppletots directly via email or Facebook or through their blog. See if you can spot my Dylan doing some modelling for them :D


kristalangel said...

hey Maryann, nice logo and calling card .. !

Gene said...

Yes I saw Dylan in there last night! I was like: "Eh? Dylan isn't it?" before I saw "the studio loft" in the picture description! And, I like those pins!!! Might get a set for myself and Talia, heehee... Btw, I will be calling you soon!