Sunday, July 4, 2010

3 Inch Sinners

Last Sunday, while waiting for Kay to finish his chinese class, I had a walk around Cluny Court and saw a small shop there that's painted all white with orange text on it's wall. No other signage to give me a clue of their product. Curious, I went in to see what they were selling. Actually, the aroma wafting from the shop already told me it's something to do with chocolate!

I was right, they sell 3 inch sinners :p Molten chocolate cakes to be exact! You know the kind that has liquid chocolate oozing out once you punch your spoon through the layer of chocolate cake. YUMMY! I decided to buy the mini versions so I can try the various flavours they had. Baked fresh on the spot, I was delighted by the texture and taste of the little cakes. Dylan had a couple too :) I love the hazelnut and mint versions.

A week later, I decided to get another box of 4 minis for Kayden to try as he had none last week. Damn there was a price increase :s So i just bought one 3 inch cake for $6 (instead of 4 minis for $8) and 2 Death By Chocolate cupcakes. They were a hit with the boys and I was left with just one tiny bite from scrapping the bottom of the bowl.

Oh the shop name is "3 Inch Sin". Run by a brother sister team who can't get enough of chocolate that they want us to have some too :) Check them out if you are in the area.

3 Inch Sin, you keep us sinning!

(apart from the 2nd pix taken with my iPhone, the rest of the pictures in this blog post taken from their website and facebook)


Anonymous said...

ok i'm going there next week.. umm where is the carpark to cluny court ?

maryann koh said...

hi cat, it's at the side of Cluny Court near the pasta shop. alternatively you can just park at Serene Centre and walk over :) let me know what flavours you like!