Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Vacancy

Making friends is like looking for a nice pair of shoes. They have to fit, they must be comfortable, they take your s**t (haa) and some can last for life. People my age have a circle of close friends made over the years usually during our education years. And after those years, it becomes difficult or rather, we become less open to making new friends. It's like a "No Vacancy" sign is put up once you are past 25 years old :p Making new friends become a chore, you are happy with the ones you have so why accept any more?

Last week I had the privilege to be invited to a dinner hosted by 24Seven and Citibank at Coriander Leaf. It was only my second time to any event on account of me being a blogger and it was a blast! The roomful of famous bloggers made me feel so small, most of them had won some blog award or other and there I was trying to act like I've heard of those awards they were talking about :p I'm just a mother and wife who photographs for a living, I never thought that my blog would have an audience, let alone make it to this group and I was elated that it did!

Thanks Kris, Diana & Claudia for making this happen.

Two bloggers that made my "No Vacancy" sign flicker off was Eunice and Edmund (hey their names start with the same alphabet!). Eunice blogs about her many travel experiences *envy!* and she was just too friendly to ignore :P She even announced to the rest that I was on TV, very embarassing! But she was so genuine in her comments about my pictures from India that it touched me. Feels good that your work is appreciated by a stranger. Ed is a father of 3 adorable munchkins and he blogs about them :) I checked out his blog on the train ride home and was laughing out loud at the "poo poo has no ears" story, very funny! He was very down to earth and easy to talk to and the three of us had a fun time throughout dinner chatting and sharing stories. We also won for ourselves an iPod shuffle each during the games segment! Very productive night indeed. There are some people you meet and when you click, you click! And guys, you both make the best two pairs of shoes that evening ;) I hope we can continue to be friends past this event.

That's Eunice

And that's Ed. I really like this shot of the 3 of us by the event photographer!

For you my dear blog readers, I have a tie-up with Citibank for you which I will announce soon. Till then, keep making new friends and take your "No Vacancy" sign down :)


Edmund said...

Haha...No Vacancy!

Glad to have met u and I am sure we will see more of each other at the upcoming Citibank events!

eunice said...

wah.. it's my honour to fill up your "vacant" that night HAHA

Happy to meet you guys that night!

Hope to see u all again soon!!