Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Nation's 45th Birthday

On the eve of National Day, we were given tickets to the parade! For you non locals, getting tickets to the parade IS a big deal as they are neither sold nor free at the door. You have to ballot for them, win them by calling radio stations, be a participant of the parade, beg friends or relatives of those who happen to have extra tickets or in our case, have a relative who was involved in the parade so had tickets to giveaway ;p

We were more excited than the kids as this was my first time at a National Day Parade ever! The kids were just there for the "fa fah works" (fireworks pronounced by Dylan).

It was hot hot hot and security was tight. We had four goody bags hehe that contained patriotic paraphanelia and some snacks and drinks. You can spot us newbies straightaway - whilst others brought sunglasses, fans and donned caps and hats, we brought egg mayo sandwiches :p

Anyway, it was an interesting experience, I never thought myself a patriotic person but teared when Kit Chan sang "Home" by Dick Lee.

Happy Birthday Home!

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