Monday, September 20, 2010


Oh my, I just realised that I have forgotten to update my blog with newborn pictures but they are all on The Studio Loft's facebook! So here's the first of many backdated newborn shoots. Ah we have renamed our newborn shoots to Teeny Weeny by the way :) Fitting don't you think?

Ok, on to teeny weeny Gabrielle.
Remember our very cheerful father-to-be from our Blooming Fun album? Here he is still as cheerful with his brand new baby girl! We love how enthusiastic he was about the shoot and even brought some of his own props. Thanks Chloe and Andrew for choosing us to shoot Gabby's newborn portraits, hope you love the pictures!

Talking about enthusiasm, Andrew even edited a video of some shots he took during the session together with the final retouched shots. Check it out! Thanks again you guys :)

And on to the pictures (1st 3 shots by Charlene)


J.H said...

maryann, I really love those decals on your wall, may I know where you get it from?

maryann koh said...

hi jess, these photos were shot at the client's home. i believe you can get them anywhere (the decals). they are imported from korea if i remember correctly.

Jodie Chung said...

Maryann, the video is lovely and so touching. Can i share it on my fb? Free advertising for you...:)

maryann koh said...

thanks jodie, and but of cos ;p