Saturday, February 12, 2011

2011 so far

Ok it's more than a month into the new year and I have to apologise for the lack of updates because after Christmas, my laptop passed away and I have not bought a new one yet as I am waiting for the new Macbook Pro. It's still not out as we speak, so I am using the studio's computer in the meantime.

2011 is passing by faster than I wished it would! So far I have missed telling you about my awesome start to the new year when on new year's eve our family won 2 iPads at a dinner and dance! January was also a great month for the studio. We had the Chinese New Year walk-in promo which saw our best walk-in day in The Studio Loft's entire walk-in history! And the Valentine's Day walk-in ended yesterday! So expect lots of pictures in my next few posts :D Oh yes we also welcome Joanne Tan into our studio! She used to teach in a childcare centre so she's great with kids! Don't mind her, she's a Canon user, pffft! HAHAHA! Just kidding! She will be working closely with Wen Lin and I to bring you more fabulous portraits :)

On the homefront, the boys started art lessons at WowART Studio and I have been very impressed with their art pieces so far :) We had a very quiet Chinese New Year with all our visiting done on the first day! :p But it was a good break for me to recharge. We have also been to the zoo with AMK Gong Gong during both new years, pictures to come soon. I have also started Instagram-ing, it's really fun, like twitter but with pictures. I hope you will add me if you are using the app, my nick is tubbykat.

Ok enough talking, I shall be working hard in the next few hours to update this blog now :p Don't give up on me just yet!

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