Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Thankful Christmas!!!

This Christmas, I would like to give thanks.
Thanks to my husband for doing the household chores, for tutoring Kayden, for feeding the kids breakfast each morning, for clearing Momo's poop and for chauffeuring us around.
Thanks to my kids for being the cheekiest and cutest rascals you can have around to perk up your everyday!
Thanks to my staff and vendors for keeping our studio running efficiently and profitably.
Thanks to my in-laws for cooking dinner and saturday lunches for the kids and looking after them on days when we can't.
Thanks to my dad for being our studio's handyman and the kids' go-out Gong Gong.
Thanks to the big man upstairs for our health.
And thanks to having peace on earth.
Wishing everyone and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!


Kar Mun said...

Hi Maryann, do you still have the link/etsy shop for the camera necklace? I saw it on Jenny Sun's album but didn't know which etsy seller had them :p

maryann koh said...

sure, email me and i'll forward you the contact :)