Monday, February 25, 2008

Daddy this, Daddy that

Since i got pregnant with #2, i have cut down on carrying my 14kg toddler on the advice of my gynae. Little did i know that this would lead him to favour Daddy over Mummy in just a few weeks! >(

Before, i was the most important person in Kayden's world. He would stick to me like a leech, shouting "Mummy" when i was out of sight and always obliging me with a kiss or a hug. Not anymore :( Recently i've noticed that when we fetch him from school, he will smile at me then look for Daddy and run to give him a hug, bypassing me on the way! *sob sob* Then in the morning when we leave the house and Daddy is slow to exit the door, he will fuss and shout "Daddy daddy" till he appears. He don't really care if i am around anymore *double sob* Sometimes when i ask him for a hug or kiss, he will say in a deliberate tone "don't want" and purposely go to Daddy and give him that kiss instead, giving me the evil eye while doing so :s sigh, i get so heartsick and jealous when he does this and i really hope that this will just be a phase and pass soon.

i am trying to spend more quality time with Kayden now, sometimes intentionally leaving Daddy out *evil chuckle* so that i can claim back my space in Kay's heart ;) tomorrow we will going for a mother and son photoshoot at The Pond, hopefully it will be a fun session with memorable shots of my first born and me :)

Daddy is wondering why i am going to another photographer when in his words,"I can take for you what!". Oh please! In Kayden's 2 years of existance, this is the only nice photo he took of me and my son!

In colour:

In mono:

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