Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Flying solo

Most of you already know this, my business partner and friend, Candida, left The Studio Loft at the end of 2007. Since then, it's been a challenging and stressful period dealing with all aspects of running the business alone, from demanding clients to balancing the accounts to fighting with the landlord over their exorbitant increase of rent by almost triple the rate i've been paying :(

On the bright side, i've found an assistant, Ashley! For most of January we've been fervantly clearing the backlog of orders (which went back as far as Sept) and things are starting to be more sane now. To make sure we never have that huge a backlog again, i decided to cut back on studio shoots in January to continue clearing all of 2007 projects. And i also came up with a promotion for Feb & Mar 2008 which will keep revenue coming in but requiring little post processing work from us. It's the SAY CHEESE! $108 studio photo special:

we are very grateful of the response to this promo and the support we got from some of our past clients were most encouraging. we would like to thank you all sincerely :)

i am still looking for a new place for The Studio Loft as our lease expires end April. Meanwhile, we will enjoy and make full use of whatever time we have left at Devonshire Road.

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Beau Lotus said...

Boy do I remember that since Candida was there when we had our shots taken and then she wasn't there any more when we came to collect them...

But you're courageous to continue holding the fort on your own and pregnant too!