Thursday, February 28, 2008

Igniting the passion

No, i am not talking about passion in the bedroom (which is almost non existence with your kid sleeping between you both ;p) but getting the passion back for photography. As with most jobs, after you've been doing the same thing day in and day out for money, it begins to get boring and mundane. For the later part of last year, i have been struggling to get my passion back into shooting without it feeling like work. i guess the trick is to start shooting from the heart again and getting inspired.

Shooting my son at home provided this opportunity and i must say i felt somewhat encouraged by the results and was determined to bring this inspiration into the studio. On Monday, i met the most lovely couple who came into the studio for their Bloom shoot. i totally enjoyed my session with Gervynne. She and hubby were a fun couple to shoot plus it was also a weekday so we had time to try out new shots and poses and i was pleased with what i got out of the session - physically & mentally.


Then yesterday i got inspired again when a sweet lady, Sherina decided that the best gift she could give her husband for their 10th anniversary would be some black & white portraits of herself wearing her mother-in-law's stage costumes (MIL was a singer in her younger days), awwwww! :) i must say the outfits fitted her beautifully and they were in immaculate condition and actually quite sexy! We did some nude shots as well and she was very happy with the results. i was delighted to play a part in this gift idea of hers and hope that her husband will love the present. Here are a few of the photos:

thank you son, Gervynn and Sherina for igniting my passion for shooting again :)

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