Friday, February 22, 2008

Pregnant women have bizarre dreams

A couple of nights ago, i dreamt my husband having a go at Pam Anderson :s Is that sick or what?! i told Ik Hui and Candida and the latter's interpretation of the dream was that it's due to my cupsize upgrade from the pregnancy.

Then last night another breast related dream. At home, we have this A4 paper sign stuck to our bedroom door since Kayden was born. Erwin printed it, and we never got round to taking it down. It says “Breastfeeding in progress!!!”. It was to stop my MIL from just coming in without knocking... Anyway in the dream, i dreamt that Kayden (who is as tall as an adult in the dream in order to reach the paper) took down that piece of paper, hmmm....

Candida's analysis:
"You are anticipating breastfeeding already due to impending arrival of baby. Kayden is doing that becos you are also anticipating him vying for your time & attention, plus he is after all the older and taller, that's why is portrayed as adult-size. oooh, did he look like Jay Chou in the dream?"

hahaha! ok the Jay Chou thing was started by Candida who thinks that Kayden looks like a young Jay Chou. She is very sure he will look like him when grown up! But Candida, in the dream Kayden still has his toddler face stuck on an adult body!

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