Saturday, June 14, 2008

and then there were 2

You know, I think I overestimate myself sometimes. When my due date for #2 was estimated as 12 June, I was still confident that I can make it through the Motherhood Exhibition from 5-8 June. Which I did!

Thinking that since Kayden had to be induced on the EDD, I expected this pregnancy to be similar. I was hoping for something dramatic though, like waterbag bursting or waking up in the middle of the night with painful contractions. Right up till the end of the exhibition, I was still taking bookings for shoots and on Monday (the day after the exhibition ended), it was still work as usual. On Tuesday, I brought the girls to Cathay Photo to get some new lights and I was contemplating getting the Lensbaby to shoot my delivery (ya funny right, how to shoot when in labour. Well, there's epidural!) but it was sold out! After we lug the equipment back to the studio, I got ready to go home as usual and expected to come in tomorrow as there was a shoot and also I needed to tie up some loose ends and bring home my camera etc. Little did I know that I would never make it to the studio the next day!

Here's the story:

11 June 2008
7am - bloody discharge, started to time contractions and when they were about 9mins apart i took a shower while Erwin prepared Kayden for child care.

820am - left the house, waited for the lift and it broke down!!! my 5yrs living here there has been no problem with the lift and it HAD to happen when i am in labour! jeeze :s i clumsily walked down 8 storeys of stairs and we zoomed off. Erwin dropped K in school hurriedly and then it started to rain and there was massive traffic on the CTE. i panicked when the contractions became 6mins apart.

930am - finally reached the hospital and i went straight to labour ward. 2.5cm dilated (DAMN FREAKING PAINFUL when this midwife checked the dilation, wanted to slap her).

11am - epidural has been administered and waited for dilation to reach 10cm. didn't happen for some time until...

4something pm - felt sharp pain on right side lower pelvic area, told Erwin to get the nurse as i've never experienced this pain before. she came in and checked dilation and said i was fully dilated! Eunice came in and said can start pushing. So exciting, up till then I still wasn't mentally prepared. Only when i was pushing and she said the head is visible did it really dawn on me that i am really going to see my second born today! :D i pushed like crazy, this one seems harder to squeeze out than the first one.

435pm - baby out, big phew! he is 4kg exactly, 55cm tall and 36cm head.

some of you may think he's big but his brother was bigger at 4.475kg, however Gor Gor is 54cm, 1cm shorter kekeke, head size the same.

here's a picture of didi (taken on my iPhone as the D200 was still in the studio):

isn't he just so precious? :) the moment i saw him, all my woes of not having a girl disappeared as he is just so cute la! haha!

I would like to thank all who came to visit me and also those who sent us gifts, hampers and flowers! THANK YOU so so much! :)


Boredlittleflower said...

congrates!!!! he looks like Kayden huh??

Judy :)

jacQ said...

congrats!! :) ooo that wonderful newborn smell.... and such a cute little one! :)

Carol Tang said...

so cute! All these labour stories are scary yaaaaa...congrats. Don't work so hard yah ...

maryann koh said...

hey judy, yes he looks identical to his big brother except he's skinnier, has 2 dimples instead of 1 and not as chubby :p

jacq! i need to get some onesies from you, what's your blog addy again?

carol, when it's your turn, it won't be so scary already la ;)