Friday, June 6, 2008

Motherhood Exhibition 2008

It's The Studio Loft's 3rd year participating at the Motherhood Magazine Exhibition, the largest parenting extravaganza of the year. This year seems kind of slow at the moment. We're halfway into our second day here and i am typing this entry, slow huh? ;) Am hoping things will pick up this evening and over the weekend.

This year, we are sharing our booth with Itsy Bitsy Me and Wink to Learn. So far so good for them as well :) We decided not to bring down too many things this year since we are only getting 1/3 of the booth size. However i brought down the 24inch iMac to play a slideshow of our favourite photos over the years and you know what? It's a great traffic grabber! Oh but sometimes we find some lecherous men leering at the nude Bloom shots :S

One of my favourite clients *shameless plug coming up* Kristal and Martin has a booth here this year. They have a new prenatal education product called the BabyPlus but they said unfortunately it's too late for me to use it as i am too far along already kekeke :D Maybe for #3 if ever i decide to have another one!

The number of clients who came by our booth to say hi this year compared to previous years is an indication of how much we've grown and it's so nice to see our Little Big Shots all grown up or our Bloom mummies with their little bundle of joy :) Oh and some of our friendly competitors dropped by as well, Alvin from Dphotofolio (who has a booth here too) and Hart and Polo from Tomato.

This is our 2008 brochure printed for the exhibition. This year i decided to go with happy faces/bodies :

edited to add:
being the brainless klutz that i am, i forgot to bring home the envelope with all the takings for the fair on the first night :( but i think my unborn baby must have been watching over mummy as when i went back on the second day, the envelope was still under the desk, PHEW! :D

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