Sunday, June 1, 2008

A friendly pow wow with the competitors

Last saturday, i received an email from David of Foto-U (one of our competitors). Four other competitors were included in the email, namely Tomato, Dphotofolio, Kopimei and Funshotz. We are all fellow advertisers on the Singapore Motherhood Forum.

Anyway the email was a call to all of us to come together and stop giving softcopies (negatives) to clients without charging for them. It was a valid call as in the long run, we will all be losing out this way. However it was funny that it was coming from David as his studio was the one that started the practise of giving out all softcopies from their sessions :p Anyway we all decided to meet up for a friendly networking session on thursday and the venue was my studio.

Shirley, our Kopimei arrived first with Hart from Tomato. David came some time later and last was Alvin from Dphotofolio. It was the first time i am meeting everyone with the exception of David whom i met once before when he contacted The Studio Loft for a joint promotion with Foto-U. Everyone was nice and friendly and we touched on issues like our business models, dealing with difficult clients, how to better improve workflow etc.

I am glad we can all be friendly with each other and help pass each other clients if we cannot do the shoots ourselves. Hart mentioned that he does not enjoy maternity shoots and have been referring some clients to me and likewise in my heavily pregnant state i am not fit for outdoor shoots and will refer to him any clients requiring this service.

We all agreed that the meeting was a fruitful one and decided to make this a bi-annual affair :)

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