Sunday, December 7, 2008


I'm 35 today! Thank you all for your well wishes :) Yes unlike most ladies, I am not shy to reveal my age :p Comon, it's just a number!

The day started off with us trying to introduce organic baby cereal to Dylan who is a few days shy of his 6th month. He wasn't too pleased and here are some photos of his reaction to the new experience.

Then it was off to the PS Cafe at Palais for brunch with the usual suspects. We make it a point to celebrate each other's birthdays each year and today was my turn. The food was pretty good but the waiter wasn't. He stopped me from taking any pictures of what we ordered :s Thank you Corinne, Yvonne & Nic, Terence and my family for celebrating this day with me :)

(Click image to view larger. All collages created by the wonderful free software Picasa 3. It ROCKS! Go get it! :D)


Popcorn Mama said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Maryann! Yes, I agree with you.. age is just a number!

Popcorn Mama said...

& forgot to add.. Where did you get those cool tee/bodysuit for the boys? I want to get one for Devon too!

maryann koh said...

hi evon, thanks :D as for the tee and bodysuit, one of my clients gave them to me last week when she came for her LBS shoot. she ordered them from
there have other cool designs but of course, plenty for girls, a few for boys only (as usual la) :s

Mom to Angels said...


monozygotic said...

Happy belated Birthday! Did you managed to track down Miss Gostelow? Just curious because I'm also trying to find some old primary school pals via FB. :)


maryann koh said...

thanks all :)

faith, i did tracked down miss gostelow, have posted with a follow up for that post under comments. good luck to you with your hunt for old classmates :D

大妮妮 said...

I a great fan of Picasa 3 too... XD