Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy half-year Dyl Dyl!

My little Dyl Dyl is 6 months old! He's the cutest, happiest, strongest little baby in my eyes and literally a chubby bundle of joy when placed in my Pupsik pouch!

He has started on solids but still not too keen when fed. The neh-neh is still top on his list :p I will try sweet potatoes and some fruit puree later on this week. Hopefully the new taste will whet his palate.

The round thing has also been rolling quite a bit lately resulting in a few falls off the bed. I always find him on his tummy when he falls, thank goodness for that as he has quite some "spare" in that area to cushion him :p Of course he still wails but nothing that a quick kiss and pat can't fix. Kayden is now the official "baby falling" announcer. Whenever he sees baby rolling too close to the edge of the bed, he will run up to us and announce,"Mummy! Baby is rolling rolling, going to fall down!" This is despite me putting a wall of pillows and bolster all around him. He has also learnt a new trick, he goes on all fours like in a crawling position but doesn't move forward. If he needs to move forward, he does it by digging his toes into the mattress and pushing his body weight forward together with his arms.

Dyl is also beginning to recognise people by sight. When he sees me leaving, he will sometimes cry. I catch him playing by himself when he wakes up and nobody's around. He will play with his toes or stare at his fingers, "read" the fabric books or tug at the blanket. However the minute he spots anyone, he will start protesting and you'll have to pick him up.

He can also be very charming, on the train to the studio, he ALWAYS reaches for the bag or shoulder of the person sitting next to me and flashes them his winsome smile! Naturally these people will smile back and try to hold his hand. I don't like that as Dyl stills sucks his fingers and fist. But how to tell these people not to touch him? arrgh. So I just have to remember to wipe his hands once we arrive. Oh and 8 out of 10 will ask me if he's a girl :s Think it's time to cut his hair...

It's been a busy month and I am sorry I have no pictures for this post, will try and take some shots of Dylan at home this weekend.

Happy half-year Dyl Dyl!
May the next half be just as fun filled and you still as happy.
Mummy loves you heaps! :)

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