Saturday, December 6, 2008

A week of surprises!

Surprise #1
My friend Raquel who's working in Dubai is back for a short holiday and she popped in the studio on Thursday for a visit. I decided to bring her out for lunch and invited the girls as well but they declined saying they will go for their lunch later. As we were coming back from lunch going up the stairs, I noticed the door was left ajar and the aircon was spilling out. I quickened my pace and walk through the door about to tell whoever it was off for leaving the door open and I was met with the girls and Rose (our cleaning lady) singing Happy Birthday to me with cake in hand :p Man was I surprised and I didn't even suspect anything. They even got Raquel in cahoots with them to stall for time. So sweet of you all, thanks girls! It's a great surprise :D And what a yummy cake it was too.

Surprise #2
It's the second Christmas Walk In yesterday and as the first one only had 3 families walked in, we thought it will be another relaxed day. I was about 5mins away from the studio when Hitomi rang me and said there were 5 people there already! The crowd didn't stop till about 3plus. All together, 31 families came for the walk in! A big thank you to all of you who came and made our second Christmas Walk In an unexpected success :)

Special thanks to my staff Charlene who shot all of you except the last one. She didn't even get a chance to sit down all day and also did not have her lunch. Same to Hitomi our intern who did well to coordinate all of you and organise the photo selection process. Thanks girls, much appreciated!

Surprise #3
I was shooting the first family this morning when a delivery guy walked in with a very cute looking flora arrangement. I thought it must be for the company upstairs and that they have made a mistake but the flowers were FOR ME! :p I quickly looked at the card and they were from that not-one-romantic-bone-in-his-body husband of mine! :D I was totally SURPRISED and ELATED to receive my FIRST (wedding bouquet don't count la) flowers from him in all our years together. CANNOT BELIEVE! Thanks baby! The card addressed to "Mummy" read: "Happy Birthday!! We love you lots lots!!! -Your 3 rascals, Dyl, Kay & Daddy". Awww, so sweet right? Love you all lots lots too! :)

my kooky bouquet, too cute! and the fat thing next to it too who kept trying to pluck out the daisies :p btw it's made of real flowers!

daddy and kay were not around to take this photo with us but their thoughts are!

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