Sunday, December 21, 2008

Edward Scissorshands I Am Not

Dyl's hair was coming over his eyes and I was not going to send him to Junior League for a $20 haircut, so I did it myself :p

I found a great way to cut his hair without all the mess, just had to plonk him into his plastic bath tub (without water) in just his diapers. So all the cut hair goes into the tub which you can rinse off later and I don't have to worry about him falling over since he can now sit up and hold onto the sides of the tub for support. Perfect! ;)

Check out his before pix...

And this is the after...yes I know, I made a mess of it hahaha but he still looks cute so who cares :D


Anonymous said...

he still looks so cute!!! what are you going to do with his cut hair? I had kept the hairs of my boys first hair cut and had them made into caligraphy brush as souvenirs.


lynda lee said...

hahah dylan is so cute .. ya with or without hair hahah .. my jayda still not much hair ... think she wont need a haircut for the next 1 year! hahha

btw ... im a bloom customer if you remember, both jayda and dylan were born around the same time. mine was may 25.yours in june. hope to take some family shots soon ...

:D lynda and wei keng

Anonymous said...

I could teach you how to do it happily! The trick is in point-cutting. (not that I'm saying you did a bad job!)

He looks cute!

Andrea Claire
(love your blog)

maryann koh said...

hi helena! oh i trimmed his hair once before and had kept some locks of it in a ziploc bag, not sure what i am gonna do with it. i think i shall get a canvas print of him printed and use clear adhesive to paste his real hair over the canvas where his hair area is haha, sort of a 3D effect ;P

lynda, i would have to see your photos to remember you, will do that tomorrow in the studio and definitely hope to meet you and family again in the near future :)

andrea! i could have done with your advice! ;P don't defend the cut, i know it's horrible hee hee

Boredlittleflower said...

haha! I did the same with my Adrielle, gave her the latest almost-no-fringe-do and same with the "but-who-cares".

At this age, there's no way we can bring harm to their image. Dylan's toooooo cute!