Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pumpkin for my lil pumpkin

My baby is slowly becoming a little boy! Happy 7th month Dyl Dyl! :)

Look at this face, how can anyone say no to you?

A lot happened this month :

1. You started solids. So far you've had sweet potato, pears, pumpkin, apples, carrots, banana, broccoli, sweetcorn and avocado. Your favourite of all is pumpkin, the japanese type if possible. Your favourite fruit is pear. You waste no time in spluttering out any food you do not like :p

2. You can sit unassisted! This is great as it also means more shot options :p

3. You are crawling and you didn't start crawling backwards like your brother, you just got up on your knees and hands one day and started inching forward. Occasionally, you are able to get into a sitting position from the crawling position.

4. You sprouted 2 little teeth! The first tooth peeked out on the first day of 2009. And I'm so proud that you did not have a fever or drool buckets like some babies I know.

5. You celebrated your first Christmas and ushered in the New Year with us watching fireworks from our home! (yes, even though we live in Punggol, we are very lucky to be able to see fireworks shooting from the Marina Bay area right from our living room)

My lovely little boy, I look forward to your sweet smile each morning, your senseless but adorable babble, your next discovery of another favourite food and your infectious laughter that fills my heart with so much joy :)

Love always,

can you see my two pearlie whites?

a nice one with daddy

this is my godma Ik Hui

daddy took these 2 photos of me and Gor Gor, my gor loves me so much but he can't smile for nuts! look at those eyes! or rather, no eyes!

I love to count my fingers

Byeee! See you next month!


Jayne said...

wow 2 little teeth and crawling even! New milestones, great job Dylan! Katie is still sitting, and sitting, and sitting... with no intention to move to crawl. haha.

maryann koh said...

don't say that jayne, i was so stressed when i saw your katie sitting so well during the photoshoot! so i told dylan he needs to buck up and be like jie jie :p