Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yourself, myself, you and me!

My toddler is a confused boy! When we tell him to feed/dress himself, the next time he wants to do that he will say to whoever it is trying to feed/dress him,"No, I want to feed/dress yourself." :s Sometimes he gets so excited that his peek-a-boo game works with Dylan that he will turn to us and say,"Look mummy/daddy! Baby smiling at you!" Yes, he's all mixed up because when we say to him,"Baby is smiling at you", he doesn't know that smiling at YOU means smiling at ME when he says it back and it's so hard to teach him. Here's how a typical conversation will go:

K: Look mummy, baby is smiling at you!
Me: Kayden, baby is smiling at YOU, not me.
K: Yes mummy, baby is smiling at YOU.
Me: No, Kayden, you must say baby is smiling at ME (I use his hands to point to himself).
K: Oh, ok baby is smiling at ME! (Points at me)



Anyway, I am sure he will catch on soon.

Meanwhile, I am noticing that he's a very creative little person. He called me to see his "radio" the other day and I was thinking how could he possibly have drawn a radio and this was what he drew!

I guess to him the soundwaves pattern he saw on the LED display in Daddy's car sound system symbolises a radio. How interesting is the toddler's mind!


Laura said...

Hahaha... So an upcoming art-director in the making?

dardar6374 said...

so cute ..