Friday, January 2, 2009

Thanks Ashley!

One year ago today, Ashley started work at The Studio Loft. Much to our dismay, she's no longer able to work with us due to family commitments. She was my very first employee and I am grateful for all her help, her friendship and her love for my son Dylan. Thanks Ashley! :) Feel free to come back anytime! Your little god-brother misses his Ashley jie-jie ;p

The above are photos taken last October during our crew shoot. Have not had the time to process the pix, will do so soon :)

btw if you are looking for a wedding photographer, do check out Ashley's blog.


大妮妮 said...

I'm sure Ashley have learnt a lot of precious photography experience from you... :)

You are sucha good mentor (Y)

大妮妮 said...
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