Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Newsflash - HE'S WEANED!!! (21st month report)

On 3rd March, a Wednesday morning, Dylan asked for "neh neh" when he woke up and I nursed him as usual. Little did I know that it will be the last time! After more than 24 hours passed without him asking for "neh neh" again, I was kind of sad yet joyous that he self weaned! BUT 2 and a half days later on Saturday evening, just as suddenly as he had stopped, he suddenly turned to me and said,"Mama, neh neh!" and gave me a smile :p I was like you are kidding? But he again mouthed the words I've heard so many times before so I nursed him. Ha! But it's been just once a day now since that self-weaning episode so I think the end is near...

Here's a video clip of me asking him if he was sure he didn't want "neh neh" (sorry that he's out of frame, I was trying to film him without him noticing)

This cheeky boy has also learnt the power of his smile. When being reprimanded for doing something naughty, he will quickly flash his killer smile at you, hoping you will smile back and forget whatever he has done! If that fails, the smile on his lips will turn upside down into a sad pout and sad eyes :s If you still look angry, he will say "KISS" and come running to plant a big wet one on your lips followed by a loud "umm-muaah"! How to stay angry at this little squirt you tell me?! :p

Dyl loves being photographed lately. Point a camera or your phone at him and he automatically smiles, poses or jumps. A few times I was shooting other kids and he steps infront of my camera and insists I take a few pictures of him :s He loves wearing stuff on his head as well, often bringing me some headgear from the studio props cupboard to put on him. Here he is insisting I shoot him with this little newborn straw hat on, doesn't he look like a little rascal kekeke.

My little cheeky rascal, Mummy can never be angry with you for long, you sure know how to muscle your way into my heart! Love you, umm-muaah!

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J.H said...

He is just simply precious!