Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kay is 5! and all things dino

Kayden my boy, you turn 5 today! Still crazy about dinos and drawing, we had a dinosaur themed party for you upon your request. Yes, you can make known your opinions now :p We can't say no if we wanted to :)

It's amazing just thinking back to when you were a (fat) baby, how far you have come. Be it expressing yourself vocally, helping daddy with the housework, doing things on your own, you have certainly developed and grown into a little man. Still clumsy like your mummy though but otherwise a fine young man :p You are ever such a loving elder brother to Dylan, giving in to him most of the time and teaching him all that you know. We beam with pride when we see you looking out for him as any good brother will, knowing in our hearts that this brotherly bond is going to be a great one!

Kay my dino boy, we wish you all the happiness in the world for your birthday! :)

lots of love,
mummy, daddy and didi (even though he don't say it, you know he loves you heaps! you are the first person he looks for when he wakes up)

RARRHHH! (dinosaur roar) :D

This year we didn't have a party, just a small one in school followed by lunch at marche and then a small bbq party at aunty ik hui's place over that weekend. I tried to be clever and did his cake from scratch! The school cake looks horrid but his classmates had 2 or 3 helpings so it must have tasted good! :p The fondant dinosaurs I hand modelled also looked quite ugly and they only slightly improved in appearance when i made them as toppers for the bbq party's cupcakes.

Anyway, here are the pix, he really enjoyed himself, that's all that matters :)


JACQ said...

Happy Birthday Kayden!! It's incredible to be 5... :) We just celebrated Katie's 3rd birthday too... i love the dino cake and those fondants, very cute!!

maryann koh said...

hi jac, time flies with the kids don't they? happy birthday to katie too! btw saw your pix from the studio shoot, haa not bad! hope you had fun, cheers!

Jer said...

Happy belated birthday Kayden!!!