Monday, December 20, 2010

The Dinosaurs Are Alive!

Ok so obviously we cannot miss this show right since Kayden is so dino-crazy! Walking With Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular, was AWESOME! At first when we didn't know much about the show, we thought what could the dinosaurs possibly do for the hour or so? They can't sing and dance like Barney right? Haha! But boy were we impressed! There was a storyline told and unfolded by a paleontologist character (taking you through a 200 million year journey), the props were appropriate and they moved with each scene (there was even a pile of dinosaur poop!), the sound effects was incredible and of course the dinosaurs themselves were very impressive especially the mechanical animation! It really was as if the dinosaurs are alive again! If they do come to Singapore again, you have to catch the show, it truly is a great production :)

Our dino buff eagerly awaiting for the dinos to appear

Don't be scared didi!

Gor Gor's here to protect me :)

one of their favourites, the Stegosaurus


a flying one! the Ornithocheirus

2 Torosaurus fighting, one of them had it's horn broken!

and then the one we have all been waiting for emerges!

the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Boy he was intimidating! till the comet killed them all...

the paleontologist concluding the show

There were plenty of other dinosaurs, you can find out more about the show with a google search.


My princess bernice said...

wow looks really real !!!

photographybykm said...

My rascals are dino fans and they truely enjoy the show too :p
Best, Kar Mun

ryanremus said...

My rascals are dino fans and they truely enjoy the show too :p
Best, Kar Mun

maryann koh said...

hey kar mun, great to hear from you! yes isn't it great they finally have a show mainly for boys keke :p