Sunday, December 19, 2010

neh-nee neh-nee poo poo

Of late, the boys have been uttering naughty words, thanks to influence by other kids in school. Using them on each other and in regular conversations, they will give a hearty guffaw after they've said them :s I've read that when they do that, just try not to react to them and it will eventually just be a phase they get over. BUT it's been more than a month and still, this goes on.

Typical banter between the boys:

K: Baby, you cannot catch me! Neh-nee neh-nee poo poo
D: I beat your backside!
K: Orh hor! Mummy, didi say "backside"!

They also enjoy saying the word "penis" in dialect:

(during bathtime)
K: Eeeee! Baby naked!
D: Gor gor, see my ku-ku jiao!
K: Didi is so naked!
D (starts singing and dancing): Twinkle twinkle ku-ku jiao!
Then the two of them starts laughing hysterically :s

Some other words they have been using are "chicken backside" and "ah boo neh neh". It's still not too bad when it's within our home but when we are outside in the company of others, it gets embarrassing.

Can't wait for this phase to pass, I should be thankful it's not the F word. Well, at least till they turn into teenagers! But that's another chapter.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha.. this is so funny !!!! All these words we used when we were young and now cant imagine it's our kids turn to use them.. hahaha.

dont forget "later mang ka li come catch u"