Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day!

What do you call your father? I call mine Pa, short and curt. My kids call their father Daddy, one syllable longer and slightly more endearing :p But that don't make me love my Pa any less. I gave him a call at almost midnight to wish him and he was asking why I left it so late as I usually remember such things. I guess when you have your own children, there's another father to celebrate for and one thing rolled over another and I only got the chance to call him when the kids have slept. But hey I made it before midnight so it counts :D

Growing up in a broken family, my Pa has always been there for me more so than my mother. My husband is saying the same now about him being around for the kids more so than me, their mother. This makes me sad. I do not want my kids to feel resentment towards me like I do towards my own mother. I want to be the sort of mother I have always dreamt of having, one that can be my best friend and whom I can tell anything to, one that I turn to whenever I am in need and one I hold in high regard over everyone else. It seems that at this juncture, Daddy is this person to Kayden. And I admire this bond that they have built. My husband worries over every little cough that comes out of his mouth, teaches him maths, chinese and english every weeknight, goes for workshops and essentially making sure his daily needs are met. He is a great Daddy :) But don't rest on your laurels Daddy, this Mummy will be catching up soon with my plan to work lesser hours this year on!

Meantime, here's wishing the father of my children a very HAPPY DADDY'S DAY and a very HAPPY PA'S DAY to my Pa! You both are great fathers and thank you for being there.

(The iPhone picture above is a Father's Day art piece Kay did for his Daddy, cute isn't it?)


Edmund said...

Nice piece of Art Work and a Great Photo as well :)

maryann koh said...

thanks ed, i will tell the artist :p