Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today marks the end of an 80 year run for the KTM train service into Tanjong Pagar railway station. It is a historic event with reporters, photographers and the man on the street clamoring at the station for one last look, photo or meal before the last train rolls out slightly before midnight. From tomorrow, the service will only be available from the Woodlands station.

Exactly one month before, my friend Ik Hui decided that just for fun we should go for a ride on the train with the kids to Johor Bahru and back! What a swell idea and the boys were pretty stoked about going on their first train ride too (i try to ignore their whining while we got seated onboard about "what's that smell mummy?!").

Here are the pictures taken with my iPhone yet again. Yes, I brought the DSLR but with two kids to mind for, it was just easier shooting with the phone :p


the 3 adventurers

our seats and ticket

love the reflection of kay

the boys missed their naptime

jaeden chirpy and checking out the onboard brochure

while Ik Hui looks on

two good friends

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KTM, the end of a good run.


Michelle said...

That was a brilliant idea! Beautiful photos as always :) and great reportage!

eunice said...

very cuteeee! didn't know so many of u really went to board the KTM!

maryann koh said...

did you go eunice? we were kiasu and went a month before. heard some people couldn't get tickets for the last day of the service.

maryann koh said...

thanks michelle :D

Anonymous said...

so u went like JB and back ?

maryann koh said...

ya! just go JB, buy tickets back to singapore, shopped at the shopping centre for about 40mins then took the train back to SG :D bo liow trip la but just for the boys to experience...