Saturday, June 11, 2011

Terrific Three???

My little Dyl Dyl, you turn three today! Fiercely competitive, full of character and never one to lose out, you have turned out to be one tough cookie :) Yet you remain a loving son and brother. Well behaved and quiet in school your teachers tell us, you remain the big boss at home :p We have enjoyed the year so far since you turned two but now signs of a strong willed little boy are emerging! We think this is just your way of coming into your own and may this be the year of the terrific three and not the tyrannic three :) No matter which, you know you are loved dearly by your sweet brother Kay, daddy and mummy and that we will do anything for you!

Keep that trademark scrunchy smile shining always my pooky pie >)



Gr@c3 said...

sense your love toward ur children deeply.


maryann koh said...

awww grace, am glad you can sense that :) shows what a sensitive person you are, thank you for dropping by my blog :D

Janie said...

Just discovered your blog!

love the photos! maybe i'll drop by your studio one of these days :)

Looking forward to following.