Monday, June 11, 2012

Fabulous 4 hopefully!

Oh my god Dylan! You are 4! I used to laugh when my Pa - your Gong Gong, say to me, "What happened to my little girl?" but now I am saying it to you, what happened to my little baby boy?!?

When you turned three last year, your character was emerging and it hit us big time this past year as you struggle to control that temper of yours. Of all things, you had to inherit that from me, sigh :( But what a character you are, a walking firecracker all of us are afraid to ignite hee hee :) Yet with a smile so sweet and a face that cute, you can talk me into giving you anything. Yup, we wonder too where you got that glib tongue from :)

We want to tell you on this special day, that we love you very much and that life would be a big yawn without my little baby boy! Happy birthday sweetie!


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