Monday, June 18, 2012

A Jinky Holiday

Back in March, Kayden had his first school break since starting Primary 1 and I ingeniously planned it such that we had a vacation in Perth AND a Jinkyart photography workshop for myself as well! Wahaha! The holiday was totally awesome and the workshop was even more awesome!!! I met one of the most creative minds in the industry of children photography – the wonderful Barb Uil. And it was mind boggling the way she dreams up ideas for her shoots! I was starstruck to say the least and being able to learn from her was an invaluable experience. I took back with me new knowledge in photography and was bursting with new ideas that I wanted to let loose at the first chance! 

Some of my favourite images from the 7 shoots we did during the workshop.

During the 3 day workshop, I also ate the most delicious coconut cake baked by our host, Alex Castle of Jumping Jigsaws Photography and made new photog friends! The lovely Fiona Henderson drove me around those 3 days with Sue Stone in tow. Sue was ever the chatterer and there was never silence with her around :p A fellow newborn photographer Susan Zamolo and I exchanged tips and stories of shooting our little clients. Then there was the hilarious Adi, with her glorious hair (she used to be a hairdresser) who had two little boys like me. Elke, Simone, Melissa, Nicole and Linda were the rest of the ladies whom I shared time with talking over meals during the workshop.  Ladies, it was a pleasure meeting you all :)

So I'm back in sunny Singapore and ready to get my Jinky on! Look out kids :p

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Willyn said...

really love how photography works...great job:)