Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mr Vocabulary

Last week my son farted and it stinked terribly so i asked him, "Kayden, did you poot poot?". He replied, "Mummy, i want to pass motion."! Wow! i was shocked and surprised at his reply! So clever, he must have learnt it in school. i was in for more surprises throughout the week as his vocab extends and his verbal communicating skills improve by leaps and bounds :)

We were having dinner at Mac's and he was having a fun time dipping the fries into the ketchup before feeding Daddy with them. i was seated across the table from the both of them and asked if Mummy can have a fry too? He happily obliged and dipped a new fry into the ketchup and tried to feed me across the table but his little arm was too short. He said to me, "Cannot reach!". Both Erwin and me looked at each other in astonishment as this was the first time he used these words and phrase them together in a sentence! ok ok, it's not really a sentence but still we were impressed :D

While watching the last episode of House, i was tearing from a touching scene when Kayden walked out of the room and saw me. He remarked, "Oh, Mummy crying." Then he corrected himself as i wiped the tears from my eyes, "Mummy's eyes cry." Haha! Aiyoh my son is super cute :p

I was eating a tuna bun for breakfast when he came up to me and i guess i must have fishy breath. He looked at me with that cherubic face and said matter of factly: "Mummy eat fish bread."

There've been many instances of him mimicking us recently so we try to watch our language around him. One of the cuter imitations is him saying, "Momo lai loh!". i always say this when my cat Momo is about to walk into the bedroom which is out of bounds to him. So now whenever Momo approaches the bedroom door, Kayden will mimic my phrase and tone and announce loudly Momo lai loh!!!

He will also put the word "favourite" in front of everything he likes now. Eg, favourite cow shirt, favourite blue shorts, favourite book etc.

Kayden's speak:
chaklat - chocolate
ahnagh ahnagh nah nah - to sleep
ehderphant - elephant
du want - don't want
pretti patah - roti prata
cow car - his cow tricycle toy
wei wee bird - ladybird
bar bah fly - butterfly
orange rice/noodles - nasi goreng/mee goreng
copter - helicopter
hole bread - donut
tebby bear - teddy bear
fiss - fish

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