Wednesday, March 19, 2008

#2 - The final trimester

This is my first post on baby #2! Although the bump is getting more obvious with each passing day (just 85 days to go!), the excitement is not growing yet. I think it's a case of been there done that. However i am sure that i will get more anxious towards the final weeks. Already i am wondering what he will look like, from the 2nd ultrasound scan (see above), this upside down baby looks like he has Kayden's forehead, mummy's big tummy and daddy's long legs hahaha :D Most mothers will tell you that they don't care how their unborn child looks "as long healthy can already la!". What a lie! Then why are they going for the 3D or 4D scans huh? ;) I on the other hand will tell you truthfully that i wish my second son will not inherit my big nose or my temper (Kayden inherited both!) and hopefully he will look like Daddy but be more sociable than him :)

Most of you already know, Kayden was my obstetrician's record breaking heaviest baby delivered at a whopping 4.475kg (almost 10pounds) and 54cm long. I am hoping #2 (sorry he doesn't have a name yet, Daddy and i are still undecided) will not be as big but at the last appointment last friday, he seems to be "on the big side". No surprise! Doctor Eunice said that if anyone can break Kayden's record, it will be this fella haha!

Anyway little one, enjoy your last trimester in Mummy's tummy. Your big brother has been kissing you from the outside everyday now and he is calling you baby instead of didi now! We can't wait to meet you and meantime, do hold back on your parties in there! :p

thanks to aunty Candida for helping me take the shots today at the Loft.

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petite fleur said...

Haha I know what you mean. One time right after an echo scan, my gynae commented that the baby has big nose. I was so paranoid that she was going to go thru life with the Streisand nose !!