Thursday, March 13, 2008

the 9 endearing ways of my firstborn

1. at night when we are all on the bed and i happen to close my eyes before he does, he will pat Mummy to sleep like how i would pat him to sleep as a baby :p

2. time to pnong pnong Kayden! he will correct me and say "shower" :s then he will recite these 3 sentences, "Take out shirt, take out shorts, take out pam pams (pampers)."

3. he will say hello and bye bye to everything, eg. Hello Plant! Bye Bye Plant! grandparents who keep calling are not spared, he will say hello then bye bye immediately to cut them short kekeke

4. he’s a walking TVC jingle jukebox, currently his favourite jingle is the Sony Bravia tvc where the colourful threads are thrown down a mountain.

5. after singing the Happy Birthday song, he will pretend to blow out a candle (his finger) and then proceed to feed you imaginery cake to which you must pretend to gobble down with gusto!

6. when i come out from the shower, he will bring me my pajamas and spectacles.

7. on cold nights, he will sleep curled up like a fat prawn, too cute :D

8. he dances each time he hears music with beats, the sort of dance those big african american ladies from Louisiana are famous for (sort of like a fat bottomed turkey bobbing up and down hahaha)

9. he MUST hold mummy’s hand in one hand and daddy’s hand in the other before going into the lift, sometimes the 3 of us get stucked at the door this way :s

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