Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby! (the big one)

When we were dating, through marriage and our first pregnancy, Erwin was still my "baby" and i was his "girl". That's what we would call each other la. Then Kayden came along and overnight i became "mummy" and he, "daddy". The transition was so seamless that only today when i saw my phone reminder that it was "Baby's Birthday!" that i thought back to the old days when we were just a couple :) how things have progressed since!

Today my big baby turns 36! kekeke, so old right? I still remember calling him "old man" when we were pak-tor-ing :p Those were some really good times and i miss them. Our relationship has taken a downturn lately and we finally agreed today to see a councillor. I feel very sad when we shout at each other and our innocent child looks at us wondering what's going on. It's very bad to say the least. After we were done, Kayden came up to me and say, "Daddy cry." Then he looked at me and say, "Mummy cry." :'( Even us showing affection to each other is something new to him (shows how much we have been fighting!), like this morning when i gave Erwin a birthday kiss, Kayden exclaimed excitedly, "Mummy kiss Daddy!"

Anyway baby if you are reading, i know i have not been a very good wife but i am trying my best now to improve and be one that you will love and cherish. Hoping we can have in the near future those days of old again.

I love you and happy birthday :)

(Dug out some of our wedding photos, don't we look young and somebody has more hair? haha, just kidding!)


Anonymous said...

yo tubby,

ha, ur photos remind me of d days at murray. Cos u showed them to us!!!

take everything at ease. as one gets wiser (older, ha!) temper goes milder. practise it :)

Everything will be good!

old pal, stanley

maryann koh said...

yo mate, thanks for reminding me of Murray hahaha! some fun times you, dave and i had. our first crummy but cosy office :p

oi, my temper already mellowed overr the years hor keke

petite fleur said...

Beautiful wedding photos. Thanks for sharing it. Where was the first photo taken ? I love that building in the background.

maryann koh said...

hi mei, thanks for dropping by!
you know the old St James Powerstation just when you turn in the road to cross over to Sentosa Island? that's it on the left. however since a few years ago, it has now become some club named Powerhouse or something like that. forgive me, i have not stepped into a club/disco since my uni days keke :p

Davester said...

heh yeah those were the days. and yah u've mellowed which is good!

Anonymous said...

hi maryann,

i came across your blog while I was searching for some make-over photoshoots..clicked on 'relationship' & I saw what you wrote about your 'baby-hubby'. like youself, my hubby used to be my baby before my son was born.. then things became so different when the wee one entered our lives. we used to argue over trivial matters & almost everything on earth. one day the wee one came to me & said, "mummy cry".. i cried even more when hearing that. we almost sought help from a marriage counsellor which I thought was a shame. anyway, things are better now & Im touched by what you wrote about your baby. I hope we both have a blissful marriage.

from, one who likes your work

maryann koh said...

dear anonymous, thanks for sharing :) it's hard ya? things have not improved very much but i've been very busy with baby and work. i hope to be able to get some time to right this marriage before it falls apart but the problem needs two hands to clap... i hope it will work out. wishing you a blissful marriage too :D