Friday, March 7, 2008

The two faces of the client

It's been an up and down week to say the least. Just looking at The Studio Loft's business thread on the Singapore Motherhood Forum and you will know what i'm talking about. I've been getting flak from a couple of clients and even from some people on the forum who are not my clients! On the other hand, i have received posts by happy clients thanking me for my work and making it an enjoyable experience for them. The two faces of the client makes me realise how difficult it is to balance the roles of business owner, photographer and customer service personel.

To top off the bad part of the week, a client cancelled her shoot this morning because i was 15mins late. i apologised sincerely but she would have none of it. What can i do ya? Sigh. But later that day i had 3 other shoots which went well and made me feel better :) i even got an sms from one of them to say they were glad they came for the shoot and from the other client, she wrote an encouraging post on the business thread and that made my day better.

i know the main problem is that i suck at customer service but i can't help it, i am a very frank person who does not mince her words and sometimes i come off as rude and opinionated. Friends will tell you that my temper has mellowed over the years but i guess it is still not good enough to garner me a GEMS award :p i will try harder to improve in this area as i go along but do cut me some slack as i am just a mum trying to make a living out of my hobby and at the same time give my clients beautiful photos they can cherish.

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