Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Good Brother

If the way he treats Momo (our cat) is anything to go by, we were expecting Kayden to be a very jealous brother. We were most pleasantly surprised when he turned out to be just the total opposite!

He would come back from school and greet his little brother on the bouncer (he don't call him Didi, but Baby) by announcing loudly to all at home,"Oh! Baby sleeping!" He also likes to play "Name the Body Parts" on Dylan, starting from the head (ok sometimes he pats Dylan's head too forcefully, the little oaf that he is hehe), down to the toes (his favourite part). He would also kiss baby or play nose to nose with him.

Kayden is also more mature now and listens when we reason with him. We took his beansprout pillow for Dylan and although he was unhappy, he didn't act out, what he did was to give me a pout whenever he sees the baby using the pillow. I noticed this and said sorry to him and asked if we could borrow his pillow for baby? He stopped pouting, nodded his head and said,"Kayden give blue pillow to baby." Awww!

Another concern i had was breastfeeding. As i breastfed Kayden till he was 21 months, some of my friends warned that when he sees Dylan nursing, feelings of jealousy might surface. Turned out they were wrong. When he sees baby nursing, all he says is,"Baby drinking neh neh milk!" hehe :D Then the other day i was in the kitchen when he rushes in and worriedly says to me,"Mummy! Put back white on baby." i was wondering what he meant when he stretched out his hand to show me a white mitten dropped by the baby. Only after i wore the mitten on baby's hand did he revert back to his happy self, ha! what a loving brother :)

Granny would tease him by saying,"I bring baby back with me ok?" to which Kay will shout loudly,"NO!". He was sitting on my lap the other day when Dylan started crying, he swiftly jumped off and said to me,"Baby cry, need Mummy bao bao." Meaning that baby needs mummy to carry. I would then beam proudly at this firstborn of mine who has grown so much as a person.

Here are some shots of Dylan with his eyes open at last! Sometimes too wide!

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jacQ said...

o! kayden is so cute! You're super lucky.... maybe for boys it's different. Gracie is still extremely jealous of her baby sister.. but she's been trying to act more grownup abt it all :)