Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear God

Most of you may not know this, I have been a rocker girl since poly days (some 18 years ago) ;) Back in Oz, I used to wake my housemates up with my electric guitar solo jamming sessions in the morning before we go for class. I also braved going to rock gigs alone (sometimes in faraway suburban pubs) when none of them will go with me. I miss those aussie bands I love back then - Jebediah, Regurgitator, You Am I, Superjesus, The Mavis' etc.

It has always been my secret dream to be in a rock band playing the drums or guitar. I guess this dream sort of faded away with each year as I got older and when I became a mother, whatever little hope I still harboured of being a rock star dissipated :( I guess I did the next best thing, I married a guitarist from a local rock band :p

Currently, I am in love with this song - Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold


petite fleur said...

Really ? I would never have taken you to be a rocker chick. And the hubs is a guitarist ?

So you think the boys inherited some of the musical genes ? At least for Kayden - it may be too early to tell with Dylan right now.

maryann koh said...

hah? you mean i am so nerdy that you can't see that side of me? kekeke

let me find some pictures of my more havoc days as a rocker chick to show you :p

erwin was with the local band Mortal Flower, now defuct of course. i am ashamed to say that was one of the factors that drew me to him hahaha! both ex boyfriends before erwin were also musically inclined. bah there i said it, i'm a groupie!

kayden is so musically inclined i think it's incredibly unbelievable! especially when it's not music music but like with sounds. he can mimic sound effects from TVCs or programmes accurately to the exact split second they come on. i dunno how to explain it, will try and upload a video of him doing it. not sure if this is a gift but it's funny seeing him do it ;)

petite fleur said...

No lah not nerdy but proper, in a good way, of course. I'd love to see you in your havoc days & see what you're saying about Kayden.

BTW I love the song. Awesome.

momoechan said...

I can atest to the "wake my housemates up with my electric guitar solo jamming sessions" cos I'm one of her housemates ;P