Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 1st month Dylan!

My second little one is 1 month old! :) We spent the day driving all over Singapore delivering the full month cakes and ang ku kueh to relatives and friends thinking that it will be less troublesome than having a party...WRONG! By the time we delivered the 20th something box we were pooped already and we were less than halfway done. Also, we had no chance to catch up with friends, just hi and go. Well, now we know better don't we? :p Kayden had a high tea party at the York Hotel, i think if ever #3 comes along, it will be a party too!

I designed 2 announcement/thank you cards to go with the cupcakes which were ordered from Cupcake Divinity upon the recommendation of a client. They look so pretty don't you think so? Each box had 4 cupcakes (2 chocolate fudge, 1 strawberry and 1 vanilla) and 2 ang ku kuehs. Hope you guys enjoyed them.

Dearest Dylan,
In the blink of an eye, it's been 1 month since you came into our lives.
My happy moments with you are when you burp real loudly (like Homer Simpson) after a feed! That never fails to put a smile on my face as I find it so amazing that you grow so much each day just on mummy's milk alone :)
You are beginning to look chubby now and I can't help myself pinching your cheeks at times. I get a frown from you for that. hehe, sorry! :p
Your daddy, brother and I wishes you yong yuan jian kang (forever healthy) as you grow each day!
Lots of love and kisses,


. brenda . said...

WOW! Running your own studio, taking the pics and looking after 2 kiddos too.. You're amazing and I'm bowled over! :)

Carol said...

bring the kiddos to the restaurant.. let me buy you guys lunch on weekend.

maryann koh said...

thanks brenda for dropping by :)

carol, i will do that! thanks for the offer. most likely you are at the Stamford branch?