Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby Hercules

You can turn your head from birth.

You start lifting your head off my shoulder when i burp you before you reach your first month.

You sleep on your tummy when you turned two months old.

You lift your head up while lying on your tummy atound the same time, often at such an impressive height.

You will "crawl" from the part of the bed I lay you to the top of the bed like a caterpillar.

You can sit if I place both your hands in front of your big tummy.

You can stand with support from your second month! When put on my lap, you will put your little arms around my neck and shoulders and stand on your feet like that!

You are amazing!

You are three months old today.

You are my baby Hercules :)

I love you sweetheart,

Don't be deceived by the pair of hands holding me, I can stand on my own if I hold onto something tightly!

This is how mummy gets me to sit, with my arms infront of my tummy.

Even Hercules cries...

and gets tired...

Can you see my dimples?

How about from this angle? :p


Davester said...

future olympic weight lifter!

and helping mummy earn $ some more!

maryann koh said...

alamak, i think i prefer him to be a basketball or tennis player rather than a weight lifter! kekeke

trying out new fabrics for backdrop, guess this one is too creasy and doesn't work very well :(