Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lensbaby - test shots

Some test shots with the Lensbaby.
Not easy to use, especially with kids when they move so fast it's almost near impossible to get the focus right. BUT when you DO get it, it's sweeEeet! :)


Lilian said...

Sorry, left the "so cute!" comment without saying Hi first, couldn't tahan, too cute esp the first picture. Someone gave me the link to your blog, I'm still exploring it, but just from the first post, I've learnt a new expletive, Mothersucker LOL!

maryann koh said...

hi lilian, thanks for dropping by! went to your blog, whoa! you got 2 boys too! i must learn how you handle them ;P

"Mothersucker" is not an expletive la, it's a clever twist of the expletive by my copywriter friend Raquel to mean a breastfed baby hehe. She made this shirt for my first born Kayden.

Lilian said...

yeah I was just kidding about the expletive bit. It's really very clever!

From now on, I'll call all my breastfeeding friends' babies Hey you Mothersucker...hee hee...I don't think my friends will find it half as amusing as I will though.