Monday, September 29, 2008

The Ice-Cream Poke the Elephant

We were watching a program on tv and Kayden was reading a book when he announced to us,"The ice-cream poke the elephant!". Erwin was like, huh? Thought we heard wrongly, then he said it clearly and loudly again,"The ice-cream poke the elephant!". Our eyes went down to where he was pointing in the book and this was what we saw:

bwahahahahahha! :D
(some of my friends don't get it, so here's the explaination. the tusk of the elephant is seen as "ice-cream" by my son becoz of it's cone shape)

Some other funny moments I try and recall now...

One time my nose was runny and I asked him to take a tissue for me, he saw the mucus dripping down my nose and remarked,"Oh! Mummy's nose cry!" kekeke

Whenever he shits and his daddy is cleaning him up, Erwin will say "too much poot poot" and "damn smelly". We didn't expect K's first "bad" word to be "damn" :p Now whenever he passes motion, he will say loudly for all to hear,"Too much poot poot! Damn smelly!" We sure kennah from the Ah Gong when he hears this :s

If he sees Dylan breastfeeding, he will say,"Baby drinking neh-neh milk!". This is fine at home, but when we are outdoors, it is an uninvited announcement :p Worse when he continues with his commentry,"Mummy got neh neh, Daddy no neh neh, Kayden no neh neh and Baby got neh neh." I don't know why he thinks Dylan has "neh neh". Maybe too chubby :D He also knows that Daddy, Baby & himself "have ku ku jiao" and Mummy "no ku ku jiao" :s

As he is still quite shy in front of strangers, we will try to let him know before we meet someone that he should greet them by saying,"Hello Uncle or Hello Aunty" and not to be shy. However when he meets them, he will shy away by hanging his head and avoiding eye contact. Then when we are alone with him again he will say,"Uncle/Aunty is so shy!" *bangs wall*


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