Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby's firsts

Baby Dylan had his first haircut on monday! Daddy used the electric clipper and although not perfect, my little boy looks superduper boyish and oh so handsome with his new do :)

He had another first today, he fell :( The THUD still echo in my head when I recall the incident. Sigh, "SO CARELESS!" I kept shouting to myself. I was cooking and left him on the sofa with Daddy and Kayden, reminding them to please look after the baby as he can flip now. Next minute I heard that loud thud and then Dylan's screams :'( I ran out fast as a lightning and screamed at Erwin who had left baby's side to look at something outside the window. Just goes to show it only takes a second for accidents to happen and although I kept blaming the daddy, I know I was responsible as well. I should NEVER have left him on the sofa, NEVER have trusted a toddler to watch him and NEVER assume that any situation is safe since it's just for awhile.

There's a small red bruise on his forehead but other than that he's ok. Took awhile to sooth him but he's a tough cookie and back to his jovial self after his bath :D Actually, Kayden too had a little accident on monday while we were at the sushi place, he pushed the lever for the hot water and his hand got burnt by the water. Despite his cries and big droplets of tears, he can still nod when I asked if he wanted chocolate ice cream :s HAHA! Kids!

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yanyan's mummy said...

Zhiyan had a similar accident the other day too. Silly daddy left her on the sofa coz we just cleaned the floor n have moved the toys onto the sofa. He was standing right next to her n turn his head away to watch that something interesting on tv then she fell... I was soooo mad with him but his guilt was written all over his face so i let it go...