Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where's Ah Fang?

Since March of this year, my Punggol home have had the wonderful cleaning service of Ah Fang. She comes fortnightly and she's the best part time cleaner ever! My kitchen and bathroom looks spanking new after she's done with them and the floors are so squeaky clean your feet lingers on them just a tad bit longer :p

I got Ah Fang's contact from a thread on the Punggol Forum. On 1st September, Ah Fang came to our place as usual around 5pm and cleaned the house for 3 hours. I was bathing the baby when she left so I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. Little did I know that this will be the last time I see her :( Since that day, Ah Fang has not showed up at our place. And she's always punctual. Her phone is permanently on voicemail now and my message remains unanswered. When she didn't show up the first time, we thought she must have fallen ill so we didn't call her, thinking she needed rest. Then when we didn't hear from her the next day, I gave her a call and it was directed to voicemail. I tried a few times for the next few days and it's always the same. One time, the automated voice says that the mailbox is full. Then we started to entertain bad thoughts, maybe she stole something? A quick rummage through my drawer dismiss this accusation. Hmmm, maybe there was a family emergency back in China (Ah Fang is from China, married to a Singaporean and has 3 kids). As the days became weeks and her phone remains on voicemail, we began to think the worse. Was she one of the 3 murdered china nationals in Yishun? Ah Fang lives in Yishun. But the names of the murdered victims did not tally with hers.

Arrrrgh! Where are you Ah Fang? I hope you and family are ok. Please if anyone of you who has your home cleaned by Ah Fang and knows what has happened to her or know how we can contact her again, please let me know. Thanks.

Just tried her number again, still on voicemail...


jacQ said...

hmm.. i've a parttime who is a chinese national too. I'll ask her, maybe there are some common friends amongst them?

maryann koh said...

thanks jac, please do! ah fang works in punggol and yishun homes only.