Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flipping Four

My baby boy is 4 months old today! In the week leading up to this day, he has been sleeping less, crying and drinking more, shedding his lovely locks and *drum roll* he has learnt to flip all by himself!!! Clever boy :D He's different from other babies who flip from their backs to front, this fella flips the other way because 95% of his time is spent being on his tummy (yes, he still loves to sleep and ONLY sleeps in this position).

In my frustration at not being able to capture his flips and hearty chuckles on video with my N73 or iPhone, I went out and bought the Lumix DMC-LX3 today after my last shoot at the studio (which was another marathon saturday, 6 shoots! I'm poofed out)! I can't wait to test out the HD video function on this nifty camera :)

Now that he has reach his 4th month, I am trying to recall if I started Kayden on solids at this age? hmmm, I think it should be 6 months before we should introduce solids ya? Good lord, my memory is failing me. But anyhow, I think he's still quite healthy and chubby and shall wait another month or so before I start him on solids.

He is starting to be very observant of his surroundings, due to his rapidly developing eyesight. In the car, he will check out the prints on the car seat, staring hard till he's crossed eyed. Even the sunlight falling onto the car door panels will cause him to stare and try to touch them with his little fingers which are now very good at pinching you or grabbing a bunch of your hair! Watch out! :p

The Quinny Buzz I bought him a couple months ago has gone largely unused as he screams bloody murder each time we try to put him in it! pffft! I was thinking, what a good waste of $888 :s Then last week we discovered that he will not protest if we put the seat upright! Why didn't we try that earlier duh!

He's talking more now, loudly even but no real meaningful words as yet which I can pick out. Oh actually there's a couple, it's "Hi!" and "Harrooo". I swear he says hi because a few of my clients have tried to talk to him during their shoots and he has responded with "hi" a few times to their astonishment hahaha! Oh in case you are wondering, he sleeps in a playpen that's in the studio area near the props shelf. The other day a Bloom client's husband was innocently sitting near the playpen watching his wife as I shot her when he heard some shuffling (that's Dylan shaking his butt while he sleeps) coming from there. He peered into the pen and exclaimed, "Is that a real baby?!?!" Wah lau, of course la! Hahahah!

Some quirks of my sweet boy:
- Before bathtime, when I pull your onesie over your face, you will smile as the fabric goes over your face :)
- You will cry most pitifully (and loudly) when I (or anybody) raise my voice or when another baby cries.
- When we roll you over onto your back after you awake, your face will light up with joy and you will wriggle your fat body as your laugh and coo to us. This is SO TOTALLY ADORABLE! I call this your happy dance :D
- When I kiss your tummy or under your chin, you will break up in chuckles and guffaws. I can't help doing this for at least a few minutes because I love to hear you laugh!
- After night feeds when I don't turn you back onto your tummy, you will sometimes wake up and make sure I do by giving some short cries for help or kicking me. Usually as I turn you over, you will give out a little burp.
- Talking about burps, you gave some of your loudest ones this month!

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