Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chestnut out, Almond in

For the longest time, our backdrop colours have been white, black and a dark brown one we call Chestnut. Whilst the white and black rolls have been changed a few times, the chestnut has been surviving the torture from all the Little Big Shots we've shot over the years. It's so torn and creased and we do love it's rugged looks but most parents wouldn't want a torn backdrop in their children's portraits so we decided to change it. Do welcome our new colour - Almond.

As usual Dylan is the guinea pig, here he is looking so utterly cute :p

the trademark wrinkly nose smile :)

I "painted" in the flowers digitally, does it look real?

And this is one of the coolest family I've ever shot. Both Mum and Dad sport tattoos on their bodies and while chatting with mummy, I learnt that daddy has a high risk job handling nitrogen, how dangerously interesting!


J.H said...

your shot "baby on the pot" remind me of anne geddes :-)

maryann koh said...

hi jess, yes that's the inspiration ;)