Tuesday, December 7, 2010


i'm 37 today
but look slightly younger ;)
I became a wife at 29
a mother at 31
and have been shooting professionally since 2006
i use nikon exclusively
although at times I do use my iPhone
almost anything that involves numbers
i need them to be multiples of or add up to nine
eg. heating up the milk in the microwave has to be 27seconds, not 30.
keying in the levels for a shot in Photoshop has to be 234 and 63%, not 235 and 60%.
yes I think this is a problem especially since i can't have 9 kids :p
i am not into luxury clothings or accessories
why pay hundreds or thousands for a LV or Coach bag when the repeated logo/emblem print on the bag is so ugly?
i am not shy to still whip out my Billabong wallet when paying for an expensive meal in a restaurant
hahaha even my employees have more luxury items than me!
i used to be a rocker and only like rock music
but now the sound of my children's laughter is the best music for my ears
my all time sports idol is Michael Jordan
the only sports I do now is watching :p
i am terribly messy, you should see my computer desktop
and secretly wish that I can have a personal assistant who can help me organise my everyday
my birthday wish for this year
is to be a better mother, wife and photographer

happy birthday to me! :)


J.H said...

happy birthday!!!
I love the way you write about branded bags, you go maryann!!!

barefoot girl said...

awwwww... lovely entry! Happy Birthday!

Jayne said...

Happy Birthday, Maryann! :-)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday ... true to the heart