Monday, December 20, 2010

To Santa from The Studio Loft

Dearest white bearded fat man in red suit aka Santa, for Christmas our studio needs the following:

  • a MacBook pro for the boss whose HP laptop feels like a hot grill when in use
  • the biggest screen iMac for WenLin, who needs more desktop space for her retouching work. if u can fit dual monitors into your sack, even better!
  • a new fulltime colleague who can work well with us
  • backdrop pulley system that doesn't break or comes loose every other week, it sucks for two girls to have to climb up and down the ladder each time we need to roll up the backdrop paper
  • Nikon D3X or upcoming D800, one for each of us please
  • a NAS storage system or 8Tb of hard disk space for all our data storage and backup for 2011
  • plenty of wonderful clients with happy kids that are never cranky and newborns who don't pee or poop on us :p

Hope our requests are not too much of an ask, we have been really good this year! Thank you in advance :) Our stocking is hanging at 58A Pagoda Street :p

The Studio Loft

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Anonymous said...

mann.. i love your wishlist.